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Generally made from PVC, canvas or Poly material, we here at Southern Tarpaulins are able to offer 3 general options for boat covers, these options align to a good, better, best system.

For a ‘good’ solution, we offer a range of poly or PVC tarps that will get the job done. We suggest the 300gsm Green/White option for a budget friendly option that will keep the sun and rain off your watercraft. If you’re looking for a heavier weight PVC option, the 680gsm Tear-Stop PVC Tarpaulin we custom make in our factory comes in a range of colours to suit your boat and can be made with varying tie down options.

For a ‘better’ option, we’re able to create a simple custom made ‘box design’ for your boat. This involves you letting us know what the exact width and height is of your craft and we create a box shape to encapsulate it roughly. This requires less work from your end as these custom covers only require a handful of measurements supplied and a quick conversation on which materials and tie down options are needed.

For the ‘best’ option, we’re able to work with you on a ‘contoured’ boat cover option. This involves the same option as above, but a lot more work on both ends to get exact measurements of the craft from various angles, to create a seamless cover that slips on to the contoured shape of the boat. Whilst this produces a visually stunning result, the process is long and production times may be longer.

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