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Builders Floor Sheet – Tips

Builders Floor Sheet Tips

  • Sweep floor prior to laying the floor sheet to prevent abrasive matter from causing any damage
  • Prepare half nailed battens to secure the sheet after it is laid
  • Never unfold the sheet in windy conditions as a loose sheet can be extremely dangerous
  • Ensure the sheet is tight to eliminate folds and wrinkles
  • Avoid contact with solvents, halogens or highly acidic substances which may reduce the service life of the fabric
  • To eliminate ponding, remove floor plates from doorways and wet areas to create a channel for water to escape
  • Sweep the floor sheet and floor plates down daily to remove sawdust and debris also checking for any holes and abrasions. Signs of holes in the floor sheet are dark patches in the material after rain
  • Be sure to stack timber or roof trusses on blocks to ensure minimum damage and allow the flow of water in the event of rain

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