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Tipper Covers

Our range of strong Mesh Tipper Covers are ideal for covering loads of rubbish, tree and landscaping.


With over 24 sizes available off the shelf to suit most small trucks, hook bins and tippers we dispatch same day in most cases

80% / 250gsm Strong Black Mesh Material

Eyelets at regualar intervals around perimeter

Spliced Ropes included



1.2m x 1.7m$552.7m x 4.1m$99
1.8m x 2.8m$652.8m x 6.5m$165
1.8m x 3.2m$693.0m x 4.2m$115
1.8m x 3.6m$753.0m x 5.0m$125
2.2m x 2.7m$753.0m x 6.0m$145
2.2m x 3.0m$853.0m x 7.0m$165
2.2m x 4.0m$903.0m x 8.0m$185
2.4m x 6.0m$1353.2m x 5.5m$145
2.5m x 2.8m$753.2m x 6.5m$165
2.5m x 3.6m$903.5m x 6.0m$165
2.5m x 4.0m$993.5m x 7.5m$195
2.5m x 5.0m$1153.7m x 7.5m$199