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Floor Sheets

Southern Tarps is the leading supplier of Builders Floor Sheets in NSW, offering a quality product with fast turnaround, delivered to site at unbeatable prices.

Floor sheets have been used in NSW since the 1970’s as a technique to minimise the risk of water damage to ceilings and other property below the work area. They are designed to protect the newly laid Yellow Tongue flooring from staining and damage during framing, roofing and fitting out activities.


We offer a range of pre-made sizes available off the shelf or we can manufacture your required size in fast turnaround!


Builders Floor Sheets Stock Sizes - 
300gsm HDPE offering outstanding abrasion resistance9.0m x 9.0m8.0m x 11.0m
Excellent UV resistance9.0m x 12.0m9.0m x 15.0m
60+ Micron coating9.0m x 18.0m10.0m x 14.0m
100% waterproof10.0m x 20.0m11.0m x 22.0m
Custom sizes to any specification12.0m x 12.0m12.0m x 15.0m
Fast turnaround12.0m x 18.0m13.0m x 16.0m
Unbeatable prices15.0m x 15.0m15.0m x 18.0m
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