Haystack Covers

Generally made from polyethylene material, we here at Southern Tarpaulins stock various off the shelf options for your Haystack Cover Needs.

For a large size range of Haystack covers, we have a 240gsm Silver/Green option which comes in over 12 size variations. These are a great option as they are UV stabilised and come with solid brass sawtooth eyelets for extra secure fitting. The silver heavy gauge Polyethylene material is also great at reflecting sunlight whilst providing a 100% waterproof solution for protecting your haystacks.

Our other option is a 250gsm White Extra Heavy Duty Tarp which does an excellent job as a stockpile or haystack cover. With webbing handles every 6 metres for easy handing and installation, our white heavy-duty tarps come in a high UV stabilised white polyethylene material in a 14 x 14 gauge. This balances the right blend of durability and weight to create a product that is easy to use, install, and store when required. This commercial grade cover is 100% waterproof and an excellent choice for all your haystack/stockpile cover needs.

If you’re looking for something different to the two options listed above, Southern Tarpaulins has you covered! We also produce custom made Haystack Covers from a variety of materials such as Polyethylene, PVC and much more. Simply contact us today by filling in the form below for a member of our team to call and discuss pricing/delivery options for custom Haystack Covers today.

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