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70% Abshade Domestic

Primarily designed for use on pergolas, privacy screens, exterior blinds, ground covers, sandpit covers, pool leaf covers and caravan annex awnings.

Weight - 150gsm

UV Protection - 70%

Available colours - Black, Dark Green & Sandstone

Width - 1.83m


Durable and hard wearing mesh ideal for covering loads of rubbish, tree and landscaping. Available in a range of stock size tarps or can be custom manufactured to any size required.

Weight - 250gsm

UV Protection - 80%

Available colours - Black

Width - 3.0m

Premium Hortshade®

GALE Pacific’s Premium Hortshade® Range is an extremely high-quality, knitted shadecloth that provides optimum performance in any climate and has been designed for use in horticultural, agricultural and commercial applications to protect people, assets and crops.

Weight - 90gsm - 275gsm

UV Protection - 30% - 75%

Available colours - Black, White, Beige & Green

Width - 1.83m - 4.0m

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Commercial® 95

Designed for tension structures and shade sails it is used on a wide variety of applications. Commercial 95® 340 offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure maintenance-free long-life performance.

Weight - 340gsm

UV Protection - 95%

Range of colours including Turquoise, Red & Cedar

Width - 3.0m

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