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Ideal for small to medium scale applications, LW270 is lightweight, fire retardant and has a matte finish.

Weight - 270gsm

Range of colours including Yellow, Purple, Green

100% Waterproof

UV Treated & Fire Retardant

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A light to medium-duty PVC coated polyester fabric coated with a protective lacquer on one side & a warp knit.

Weight - 460gsm

Range of colours including Beige, Black, Grey

100% Waterproof

UV-stabilised coating & flame retardant additive

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Achilles Rollclear

This material is the leading brand of UV stabilised clear PVC and is ideal for commercial and residential applications. This fabric option blocks 93% of UV Solar Raditation

Weight - 580gsm

Clear Material

100% Waterproof

UV Stabilised

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A hard wearing PVC material this material has proven itself across a broad range of applications including Roofing Tarps, Trailer Covers, Boat Covers & general camping applications.

Weight - 550gsm

Available Colours - Blue & Green

100% Waterproof

UV Stabilised Material


Premium Quality Spread Coated 300cm wide mid weight PVC designed for many agricultural and industrial applications including grain bunker covers, tarpaulins & camper trailers.

Weight - 610gsm

Range of colours including White, Black & Red

100% Waterproof

Print Capabilities

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protex ets

Tarpaulin ETS (Extra Tear Stop) is an extra wide, ripstop weave PVC coated fabric, designed to be used where heavy duty performance is required.

Weight - 680gsm

Range of colours including Maroon, Yellow & Blue

100% Waterproof

Tear Stop Weave