Builders Tarps & Floor Sheets

Floor Sheets

Builders Sheets have been a useful product in upper story extensions, particularly in Sydney as a lack of new housing space has seen many property owners add value to their existing dwellings with minimal disruption.
The floor sheet acts as a waterproof membrane thus limiting the risk of water damage to ceiling and other property below the work area as well as protect the newly laid floor from damage during the roofing process.
Our floor sheets are manufactured from a high-density polyethylene with a specially formulated coating. It is a tough, versatile fabric offering excellent UV, water and moisture resistance, outstanding tear and tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

Should you require "L" or "T" shapes, we can manufacture accordingly- simply email or fax us your plans and we will quote you accordingly

Roof Cover

Generally, PVC tarps are best suited because they will not flap and are more durable and repairable however size is limited due to the weight.

Poly Tarps can be more suitable for short term less exposed jobs as they are more cost effective, available in larger sizes and therefore require less tying down and overlapping. They can also be used for covering timber/ sand etc when they have become well worn.

We have selected our most popular sizes as a guide as every house is different, although if you need more information, please feel free to contact us.