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240gsm Heavy Duty Grade – Silver/Green


This is a heavy duty and fully waterproof tarp with non rust reinforced brass eyelets at approx 0.5 – 1m intervals (depending on size).

Product Code: SG
Fabric: Poly (Woven Plastic)
Fabric Thickness: 240gsm (Grams per Square Metre)
Colour: Green / Silver (Two Sided)
Eyelet Spacing:  500mm/1000mm

This tarp is perfect for:
Roof Cover, Car Cover, Transport Tarp, Building Material Protection, Building Cover, Carport Cover, Boat Cover, Parties, Tent Cover, Outdoor Events, Ground Sheet, Timber Cover, Builders Tarp, Stockpile Covers, Haystack Covers, Roof Tarp, Hire Tarp, Waterproof Tarp, Truck Tarp, Cricket Pitch Cover, Tarp, Tarpaulin Sydney, Large Tarps, Camping Tarp, Storm Covers

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