Truck/Transport Tarps 300gsm Industrial Grade Poly

Specifically designed for the truck and transport industry, these lightweight and economical truck tarps will keep your cargo sheltered from the elements during transport. Colour is Green/White.



  • Designed specifically for the truck and transport industry
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Includes tie down ropes and shorteners to cover variable sized cargo
  • Heavy duty 8mm Nylon rope in 2.5 lengths
  • Triple centred eyelets on short edges for tethering to front/rear of cargo tray
  • Industrial Grade
  • 3 sizes for different sized trucks
  • GSM: 295 approx
  • GAUGE: 12 X 12
  • DENIER 1700
  • 4% Inhibitor in both yarn and lamination
  • Solid Brass saw tooth reinforced eyelets 27mm outside diameter
  • Welded hems reinforced with heavy duty 3mm twisted pp rope