Butyl Double Sided Bonding Tape

A high water-resistant butyl rubber adhesive coated on a polyethylene net to give it dimensional stability with a siliconized kraft paper release liner.


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The adhesive conforms to rough, textured surfaces and has a wide range of applications for joining, sealing waterproofing and vibration absorption.

Typical applications include fixing and sealing of joints for weatherproofing in construction and civil engineering, sealing of membranes, repairing tarpaulins and joining PE Dam liners, holding and sealing sisalation in the HVAC industry, mounting of light weight Signage to textured surfaces such as rendered concrete, joining / mounting Corex and Coreflute synthetic board and Vibration isolation of audio parts.


  • High quality double sided butyl bond tape for joining tarps and forming moisture/vapour seals
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • 25mm wide x 15 metres