Material Specifications and Resources

Please see below a range of supporting documentation in relation to our products and materials.

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Material Specification Data – Polyethylene (PE) Fabrics

Canvacon 5000e PE Specifications

Canvacon® is a high quality Polyethylene based polyfabric designed for industrial & agricultural tarpaulins, covers, liners and membranes.

Canvacon 7000e PE Specifications

Canvacon® is a woven, polyethylene scrim reinforced coated fabric designed for a wide range of applications such as shelters and structures, liners and covers.

Canvacon 9000e Specifications

Canvacon® provides excellent strength-to-weight performance, high abrasion and tear resistance, and excellent welding characteristics.

Synthesis Solarweave PE Specs

Manufactured from premium UV-stabilised Polyethylene, Solarweave is a tough, durable fabric with excellent resistance to UV degradation.

Tarpee PE Specifications

With stronger yarn, enhanced weaving and coating technology woven on Sulzer looms, Tarpee is a market leading Tear and Tensile performer.

Material Specification Data – Polypropylene (PP) Fabrics

Landmark PP Specifications

Landmark® is a UV-Stabilised polypropylene scrim reinforced coated fabric designed for heavy duty industrial and agricultural applications.

Aquamark PP Specifications

Aquamark® is a scrim reinforced polypropylene coated fabric, specifically designed for a wide range of water and effluent containment and storage applications.

Rivertex PP Specifications

Rivercyclon® Non-toxic polymers. 100% recyclable NTP gloss coating. 30% lighter than PVC.

Material Specification Data – Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Fabrics

LiteFLEX PVC Specifications

LiteFLEX™ is a 400gsm coated PVC developed by HVG using the highest quality resins, UV stabilisers and inhibitors.

EvoFLEX PVC Specifications

EvoFLEX™ is a premium quality 520gsm coated PVC made using the highest resins, UV stabilisers and inhibitors.

CoverFLEX PVC Specifications

CoverFLEX™ FR is a premium quality 610gsm spread coated PVC with gloss acrylic lacquer. Used for various outdoor uses.

EnduroFLEX PVC Specifications

EnduroFLEX is a 670gsm tear stop, reinforced spread coated PVC with gloss acrylic lacquer using the highest quality resins, UV stabilisers & fire retardant inhibitors.

AlphaFLEX PVC Specifications

AlphaFLEX 900gsm is a premium quality panama weave coated PVC, manufactured using the highest quality resins and UV stabilisers.

Duralite PVC Specifications

Duralite 440 is the only light-medium PVC fabric that is Made in Australia for Australian outdoor conditions. The fabric is manufactured with ‘Easy Weld’™ finish.

Endeavour PVC Specifications

A highly versatile PVC Fabric which combines light weight and high strength properties. Ideal for printing and sign-writing.

Senator PVC Specifications

SENATOR 650 T/S is a heavy duty, PVC Coated Tent & Tarpaulin fabric. The base fabric is a high quality, high tenacity polyester fabric in a tearstop construction.

Protex PT Extra PVC Specifications

Protex PT Extra is a lightweight reinforced PVC. The matt finish combines with a high tenacity base-cloth to provide a fabric with a high strength to weight ratio.

Protex GP PVC Specifications

Protex GP is a heavy duty reinforced PVC fabric. A smooth finish on both surfaces with a protective acrylic lacquer. Complies with the AS 2930 tarpaulin standard.

Protex TS PVC Specifications

Protex TS features a tear-stop polyester base cloth and is finished with a protective acrylic lacquer surface. Complies with the AS 2930 fire retardant requirements.

Protex ETS PVC Specifications

Protex ETS is a heavy duty reinforced PVC fabric. It features a tear-stop polyester base cloth and is typically used for tarpaulins and heavy duty covers.

Material Specification Data – Architectural Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Fabrics

Mehler Valmex PVC Specifications

Manufactured using specially selected materials, the VALMEX® tent products comply with the highest standards with respect to UV, fungal and fire resistance.

Ferrari Flexlight PVC Specifications

FLEXLIGHT Classic 402N, 602 and 782 S2 make up a range of products to cover a wide variety of architectural outdoor applications.

Sioen B8103 PVC Specifications

Extended range of 650 g/m² flame retardant technical textile for multi-use such as tents and lightweight structures. Anti-bacterial and UV stabilised.

Material Specification Data – Mesh

Hortshade Mesh Specifications

Hortshade® is a high-quality, knitted shadecloth that provides great performance in any climate. Designed for use in agricultural and commercial applications.

Covershade Mesh Specifications

Covershade™ is a knitted shadecloth designed for horticultural and agricultural covers as well as general purpose protection for livestock and equipment.

Commercial 95 Mesh Specifications

Commercial 95® offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure maintenance-free long-life performance.

Parasol Mesh Specifications

Parasol™ is a commercial grade knitted shade cloth suitable for tension structures and other heavy duty applications.

Comshade Mesh Specifications

Comshade is engineered for medium to large shade structuresand has a proven history of performance under the harsh Australian elements.

Comshade Xtra Mesh Specifications

Comshade Xtra™ has been developed using the latest knitting and yarn technology to minimise the fabric weight whilst retaining tensile strength.

PolyFX Mesh Specifications

PolyFX is a versatile range of shade cloth engineered for small to medium shade structures. Comes in a comprehensive colour selection.

Material Specification Data – Canvas

Coolabah Canvas Specifications

Coolabah is a superfine poly/cotton quality tenting fabric. It has been especially designed and developed for tent frames, for both roofs and walls.

Billabong Canvas Specifications

Billabong is a high quality, light-medium weight, blended poly/cotton canvas tent fabric. Billabong is a very tightly constructed fabric woven from fine yarn counts.

DX12 Canvas Specifications

DX12 is a medium weight, general-purpose blended polyester/cotton canvas which is especially suitable for a wide range of applications.

Bullduck Canvas Specifications

Bullduck T.T. has a Tearstop construction with Terylene/Cotton corespun threads woven throughout the fabric.

CS12 Canvas Specifications

CS12 T/S is 100% Corespun. This ensures that the fabric is suitable for any situation where strength is required. The fabric is designed for larger type tarpaulins.