Sport Products

Working with various sporting companies since our inception 20 years ago, Southern Tarpaulins has created custom textile manufactured items for a wide range of sporting applications such as cricket, baseball, rugby, football (or soccer), tennis, badminton, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kick boxing, Muay Thai, and much more.

Southern Tarpaulins currently stocks high quality Cricket Pitch Covers, along with Hessian Underlays which can be dispatched for overnight or even same day deliveries if urgent need is required.

For more customised projects, we can create custom sized and shaped tackling dummies, boxing bags, boxing canvases, BJJ and wrestling floor mat covers/wall covers, gym flooring, sporting curtains, safety padding, and much more.

Contact us today to discuss pricing/delivery options for all your Sporting Product needs.

Sports Product Range

Gym Floors

Safety Padding

Cricket Pitch Covers

Baseball Field Covers