Stockpile Covers

Working with our Production Team, we can produce a custom cover for your Box Trailer, Trailer or any similar towed transport.

Working with material options such as PVC, Polyethylene and Canvas, we can custom measure and add accessories where needed such as Velcro openings, mesh vents, easy access zippers and much more.

Made in house at our 1200m² plus factory in Alexandria, we offer daily dispatch or pick up options. Contact our team to discuss pricing/delivery options for custom orders, or visit our Made to Order Tarps page.

We also offer a large range of off the shelf options to cover your trailer including our Reinforced Mesh Cargo Tarps, our Reinforced Waterproof PVC Tarp, and our Waterproof PVC Truck Tarp for larger trailers.

Stockpile Cover Tarp Range