Ground Sheets

Ground sheets are one of the most important pieces of camping kit around. Traditionally laid under a tent or shelter to provide a barrier between earth and your shelter, ground sheets have a myriad of benefits. They are excellent for protecting your shelter from punctures via sticks & stones, along with providing an extra layer of protection from moisture. Lastly, they also are much easier to clean than having to hose down your shelter! Some even provide a small amount of thermal insulation for those colder nights.

Southern Tarpaulins stocks a range of tarpaulins that work well as ground sheets, such as our 650gsm Super Heavy Duty PVC Tarp. The heavy-duty PVC acts as a great barrier between the mud/ground and your shelter, whilst the durable nature of the material prevents any sticks or stones from penetrating your shelter floor. When you’re done simply pack up your shelter then hose down the PVC and you’re set!

For more specific requirements, we also create custom made ground sheets out of a range of materials such as PVC, Polyethylene and much more.

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