Hardware and Rigging

Whether you’re looking to erect a shade sail, install a privacy screen, secure down a tarp or get a load ready for transport, we here at Southern Tarpaulins stock a massive range of Shade Sail Kits, Balustrading Kits, Stainless Steel Fittings, Straps, Lashings, and Rope.

We stock 5 styles of Shade Sail Self Install Kits, along with 5 styles of Balustrading Kits and various sizes/grades of high-quality stainless-steel fittings, all ready to dispatch along with your tarp order. This allows the average customer a great amount of savings when looking to create and self-install any domestic awning, shade sail, or privacy screen!

In relation to our rigging, we stock high rated ratchet straps, lashings and ropes all ready for daily dispatch. If your company is looking for a more tailored solution.

Contact us today to discuss pricing/delivery options for all your custom straps, lashings and rigging needs.

Hardware and Rigging Range

Stainless Fittings



Straps and Lashing