Farming and Agriculture Tarps

Here at Southern Tarpaulins, we’ve been working with and supporting the Farming and Agriculture industry for over 20 years.

We specialise in creating Stockpile Covers, Grain Covers, Dam Liners, Greenhouse/Hot House Covers, Haystack Covers, Bagasse Covers, and much more.

We also work with you on your water management requirements such as Tank Liners and Water Treatment Covers.

With a massive stock range of over 250 grades and sizes, coupled with daily dispatch and priority interstate deliveries, Southern Tarpaulins has all your needs covered.

Contact us today to discuss pricing/delivery options for custom Farming & Agricultural projects today, or visit our Made to Order Tarps page.

Farming and Agriculture Tarp Range

Haystack Covers

Dam Liners

Stockpile and Grain Covers

Bagasse Covers

Composting Covers

Hothouse Covers

Water Management